On Finance Industry

Buffett: Financial companies are more difficult to analyze than other companies. They can report whatever earnings they want – it’s an easy game to play. For banks, earnings depend on loans and the reserves set aside. It’s easy to change and manipulate the reserves. With a company like WD-40 or a brick company, the financials […]

Buffett Business School Advice

Question: Advice on business school? BUFFETT: Business schools not long ago used to teach a lot of nonsense about investing. MUNGER: They’re improving. BUFFETT: From a low base? MUNGER: Yes. BUFFETT: Business schools teach one fad after another in finance. It’s hard to resist. Going against the “received wisdom” of your bosses and elders is […]

Charlie Munger Quotes

Investing All intelligent investing is value investing; then acquire more than you are paying for. Investing is where you find a few great companies and then sit on your ass. Source: BRK Annual Meeting 2000 I said, “We know the edge of our competency better than most.” That’s a very worthwhile thing. It’s not a […]

Quotes on shorting stocks

Charlie and I have agreed on around 100 stocks over the years that we thought were shorts or promotions. Had we acted on them, we might have lost all of our money, every though we were right just about every time. A bubble plays on human nature. Nobody knows when it’s going to pop, or […]