Warren Buffett–In 1974

Under the 1974 headline, “Look At All Those Beautiful, Scantily Clad Girls Out There!,” this profile in Forbes magazine captures Warren Buffett’s personality and chronicles the singular path he cut through the investment world. Though the piece is 34 years old, it sheds light on the man behind Berkshire Hathawayas the company’s shareholders meet this weekend in Omaha, […]

The Question of Conservatism

Editorial note: this article is an excerpt from Buffett Partnership Letter, January 24, 1962 The above description of our various areas of operation may provide some clue as to how conservatively our portfolio is invested. Many people some years back thought they were behaving in the most conservative manner by purchasing medium or long-term municipal or government […]

Betting on sure things

[When asked for the opinions on telecom industries]…I know people will be drinking Coke, using Gillette blades and eating Snickers bars in 10-20 years and have rough idea of how much profit they’ll be making. But I don’t know anything about telecom. It doesn’t bother me. Somebody will make money on cocoa beans, but not […]