On Finance Industry

Buffett: Financial companies are more difficult to analyze than other companies. They can report whatever earnings they want – it’s an easy game to play. For banks, earnings depend on loans and the reserves set aside. It’s easy to change and manipulate the reserves. With a company like WD-40 or a brick company, the financials […]

Buffett: Avoid Bad Businesses

Question: What businesses should we avoid? Buffett: In the textile industry, we always had new machinery that held the promise of increasing our profit, but it never did because everyone else bought the same machinery. It was sort of like being in a crowd, and everyone stands on tip-toes – your view doesn’t improve, but […]

Buffett on Diversification

The following article is an excerpt from Buffett Partnership Letters, January 20, 1966 Last year in commenting on the inability of the overwhelming majority of investment managers to achieve performance superior to that of pure chance, I ascribed it primarily to the product of: “(1) group decisions – my perhaps jaundiced view is that it […]

Does Buffett Hold Stocks Forever

Short-term investment, long-term investment or hold stocks forever? Buffett tells us how he did it. Question: Why would you hold stocks forever, if the fundamentals change permanently? (Buy and hold) Buffett: We don’t—we sell plenty. If we lose confidence or conditions change, we sell. When in doubt, we keep holding. But for [our wholly-owned] companies, […]