Who Really Cooks the Books?

By Warren E. Buffett Published: July 24, 2002 There is a crisis of confidence today about corporate earnings reports and the credibility of chief executives. And it’s justified. For many years, I’ve had little confidence in the earnings numbers reported by most corporations. I’m not talking about Enron and WorldCom — examples of outright crookedness. […]

Warren Buffett Memo to All Stars

To: Berkshire Hathaway Managers (“The All-Stars”) From: Warren E. Buffett Date: September 27, 2006 The five most dangerous words in business may be “Everybody else is doing it.” A lot of banks and insurance companies have suffered earnings disasters after relying on that rationale. Even worse have been the consequences from using that phrase to […]

Warren Buffett on Squawk Box May 7, 2012

Warren Buffett appeared live on CNBC’s Squawk Box on May, 7, 2012 http://www.cnbc.com/id/47322740 Announcer: This weekend Warren Buffett faced tens of thousands of Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. Today he faces SQUAWK BOX. Plus, in depth conversations with Berkshire board members Charlie Munger and Bill Gates. This is a special presentation of SQUAWK BOX live from the […]